AlUla and Elephant Rock

AlUla and Elephant Rock

AlUla - Elephant Rock

AlUla Elephant Rock – Just outside the town of AlUla there are strangely shaped rocks, among these Elephant Rock stands out. It is a rock whose shape resembles a large pachyderm.

Located in a spectacular desert landscape is this approximately 52 meter high rock shaped over millions of years by wind and water erosion known in Arabic as Jabal AlFil.

Beautiful at any time of day: at sunrise, at sunset when the rock takes on a magnificent shade of red, at night when, far from the city lights, the sky comes alive with thousands of stars.

Near the rock there is a café and restaurant offering food and drinks until late at night. Too bad that during our visit both places were closed and the rock was only visible from afar. Initially I was disappointed about thay but then perhaps it was lucky, seeing this place without tourists and enjoying the silence was a great fortune.

Try to arrive around sunset time with some snacks and sit on the rocks in front of the Elephant to see the sunset. Many local people come to admire the show while drinking a cup of coffee and, because they are very hospitable, they will invite you to sit with them.

It will also be very beautiful at sunrise but unfortunately we didn’t see it,

You can reach this place with a normal car, but if you want to go deeper into the surrounding desert you will need to use a 4×4 car.

It is about 10 kilometers from the visitor center (Winter Park), all on a well-maintained asphalt road.

Elephant Rock

AlUla Elephant Rock - Useful Information

The site is open every day.

Access is free, you do not need an access ticket or to book on the site.

If you visit the site during the hottest hours, remember to bring protective cream and a hat. If you go in the evening, remember a jacket, the desert at night is cooler than the city.

Elephant Rock

Where to Stay

In AlUla there are beautiful accommodations, unfortunately some are a little too expensive for us:

– Ashar Tented Resort a super luxurious tented camp in the middle of the desert 

– Our Habitas AlUla in a unique location in the world. 

Caravan by Habitas AlUla is very special, you stay in luxurious caravans


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