Archipelago of Bazaruto

Vilanculos is the gateaway to the archipelago of Bazaruto .

The Archipelago, considerated national park, consists of five paradisiacal islands (Benguerra, Magaruque, Santa Carolina, Bangue e Bazaruto) and hosts coral reefs full of life: you can see dugongs, dolphins, whales and turtles.

It’s possible to stay on someone of these islands but the prices, for our, are too much expensive. 

We have visited these islands with daily excursions, the price of these are expensive because in addition to the cost of the excursion, you need to buy the entrance ticket to the park that you have to pay for each day spent inside.

We have been to Paradise Island, Bazaruto and Ila de Magaruque, they are very beautiful and desert.

Sometimes we were the only tourists on these fantastic beaches


Archipelago of Bazaruto - Paradise Island

It’s my favourite.

Santa Carolina, or Paradise Island as called by locals and tourists, is an island with a forsaken resort, it is situated from Bazaruto and Vilanculos.

A withe beach, transparent water with a lot of fish, very good for snorkeling.

Pay attention to the current, it’s very strong

If you’ll be lucky, you’ll be the only people on the island.

Archipelago of Bazaruto - Bazaruto Island

Arcipelago di Bazaruto

Bazaruto is the most famous and the bigger island of the archipelago, it is in the middle of the national park. It is 31 km. long and 6 km. large.

In the east of the island there are high dunes, it seems to be in the middle of the desert, It is very amazing get off from the dunes running.

We have reached the island with a day tour organized by Marina of Baobab Beach Resort, we started from Vilanculos with a speedboat, the first stop was at Paradise Island and then we stopped here.

Before docking, after a short chase, we saw the dugong, we tried for many years in Red Sea to see the dugong without success.

After a good lanch prepared by the crew, we have reach “Two miles reef” for snorkeling. High waves made us regret having been directed here but the snorkeling has paid off.

Beware of the current, it is very strong and the sea is very rough. Probably snorkeling in the morning is better.

We come back to Bazaruto in the north, we climbed the highest dunes enjoying with a fantastic view.

On top of the dunes it seems to be in the middle of the desert, sand everywhere …… and no one besides us.

I suggest you the descent from the dunes of run, amazing.

Archipelago of Bazaruto - Ila de Magaruque

We reached the island with a dhow, a typical African sail boat. The boat dumped us on a deserted beach, we were the only ones. From here we walked the entire island tour without seeing people. Also on this island there are high dunes, it is  beautiful climbing and even more beautiful go down running.


You can snorkel and see a lot of fish.


The crew will prepare a lunch with rice, grilled fish, vegetables and fruit, all very good.

Where you’ll take a lunch there is a sign indicating the presence of a school where you will be welcome. We unfortunately noticed it later, when we had to come back we could not visit it, do not do like us! Go, it should be a unique experience. 

On our return we went to an area where dolphins usually live and we saw them, a show.


Since the excursions are very expensive (from 30 to 50 euros per person) also because of the entrance ticket to the park, I suggest you combine more islands with the daily excursion. 

To reach Ila de Magaruque we have used a dhow, it is a very slow boat, if you do not like being in the sea opt for a motor boat. 

Try to bargain on the price, even if you will not be able to get it off much.

If possible, try to participate in excursions with a few people, you will enjoy the wonder of nature.

You leave early in the morning, you will not regret the early riser.

What to bring

I suggest you to bring:

  • high protection sunscreen, the sun is strong and the shine little
  • hat
  • sweatshirt, the sea trip can be chilly
  • mask and fins, if you have not, rent them
  • camera
  • underwater camera

You will not need water or food, everything is included in the price of excursion.

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