Berenice – Stay at Wadi Lahmy Azur

Berenice - Wadi Lahmy Azur Resort

We went to Berenice and stayed at the Wadi Lahmy Azur Resort, in this post you find all the information you need to decide if the resort is right for you or not.

Berenice is the newest place in the Red Sea, it is located south of Marsa Alam, about 90 km from Sudan. Compared to other better-know tourist destinations, such as Hurgada and Sharm el-Sheikh

Berenice is still little known to mass tourism. Accommodations for tourists are not many. It is a great place between desert and sea where nature is still wild.

The tourists who come up here are all nature lovers and pay attention and care for the environment.

Berenice la spiaggia e i suoi colori

Wadi Lahmy Azur Resort - The Sea

The sea is always the highlight of a trip to Berenice, to be admired above and below the surface. Therefore, if you come here, surely what you are interested in is not locking yourself up in five-star resorts but living the trip to the fullest and not making too many demands on what your accommodation is able to offer you.

With that in mind, let’s see what Wadi Lahmi Azur Resort has in store.

Wadi Lahmy Azur Resort - The Resort

The resort is little but has everything you need: restaurant on the beach, several bars, bocce game, volleyball court, shops,… and the sea is postcard-perfect: colors are like the Carribean or the Maldives.

The reef is very beautiful, for me the Red Sea gives the best snorkeling in the world.

Wadi Lahmy Azur Resort - The beach

There is a beach equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds, in late August there were many free but not in the front row, if you want the front row umbrella you have to wake up very early. I used to go to the beach at 7:00 a.m. to snorkel and many umbrellas were already occupied by people who woke up even before me.

There is a beautiful jetty, you can go down to the far end to dive outside the reef or halfway down the jetty to dive in two beautiful lagoons with always calm water. In the lagoons it is possible to snorkel always even in strong winds and red flags.

In the lagoons you can see numerous stingrays; you will always find them accompanied by a small fish swimming above them.


Wadi Lahmy Azur Resort - The Restaurant

The restaurant is on the beach, so to cool the air a bit there are numerous fans that should cheer you up at the table.

The view is very nice while the cuisine nothing special, indeed…… Fortunately, at both lunch and dinner there is always pasta and pizza, you can find everytime something to eat.

Breakfast is good, you will find pastries of all kinds, bacon, eggs, crepes, juice, toast, ……

Every day dinner follows a theme: Egyptian cuisine, Italian cuisine, Asian cuisine, …….. but you won’t notice much difference.

Wadi Lahmy Azur Resort - Mangroves

From the beach you can leave the resort and with a walk of about half an hour reach a spot where you can admire the mangroves. At the end of the hotel beach a guard will ask you for your name and room number, for your safety. The walk is in the middle of nowhere, sea to the left and desert to the right. After a while you will reach a “little store” where Egyptian girls sell their handmade bracelets. The guard told has that a little further there should be a bazaar but we didn’t find it. I recommend you do the walk in the afternoon after 4 p.m. or early in the morning, the heat will be less intense.

Wadi Lahmy Azur Resort - Diving

There is a diving center within the village. We did not use their services so I cannot tell you whether they are worthwhile or not.

Wadi Lahmy Azur Resort - How to book

We took a full package with Eden Viaggi, but you can book the hotel directly on booking, so if you find a cheap flight I recommend DIY. It’s cheaper and you won’t be tied to their poorly organized transportation.

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