Botswana – My self drive holiday

A do it-yourself trip on Botswana outside the usual tourist itineraries to discover the true essence of this magnificent country. A trip made with a 4×4 car and two roof tents. I want to share with you the emotions and the tips of my self drive holiday.

Botswana - Elefanti al Chobe National Park

We traveled for 2.000 km on a 4×4 car, we drove on sandy tracks, we crossed deserts, we glided on the Okavango, we fell asleep with the sound of hippos, we got stuck in the middle of nowhere, we sat around the fire under a sky full of stars, …….

It is not a “simple” trip, all the leg must be carefully planned, the hot will not give you respite, the dust will be  constant presence, put up and break down the campsite every day……..but the emotions that will leave you this trip will win over the stress. 

Before to read the itinerary, read this post with general information.

My self drive holiday - Itinerary

We rented a 4×4 car in Johannesburg and we left for Botswana crossing the border from South Africa and Botswana.

It was our first stop in Botswana and our first close meeting with the animals of the savannah. A park created to protect rhinos.

An immense white desert and suddenly you will see an island covered with baobab. A lunar landscape awaits you here.

Trip in Mokoro on the Okavango. delta. Sail aboard these boats on the Okawango through reeds, alongside hippos, …………

Moremi Game Reserve

A real adventure driving on sandy tracks trying not to get stuck to capture the perfect shot.

Botswana - Moremi Game Reserve
Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park

It will seem to you like to be inside a documentary. Lots of elephants and breathtaking landscapes.


I can suggest you some lodge where stay that will give you more emotions,


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