Dades Valley – Morocco

Dades Valley

Dades Valley

You have probably seen the photograph of this road so many times.

And you probably would also like to take the same photograph during your trip to Morocco.

Well, to reach the perfect spot from where you can enjoy this view, all you have to do is continue reading. I will explain step by step how to reach the summit and take the mythical photograph.

The Dades Gorge

The Dades Gorges are located in the valley of the same name crossed by the Dades River, and together with the Todra Gorges, they are one of the must-visit places on a tour of Morocco. It is hard to imagine that in this country, famous for its desert, there are mountains that reach 4,000 meters, the High Atlas.

Here the predominant colors are the green of the palm trees, the red of the mountains and the blue of the sky, and the views are something wonderful.

Dades Valley - How to reach the viewpoint

Very often the information you find on the internet is not correct. Indeed, if you type Tizi n Tichka you will see this image, actually it is not the famous pass but it is the image of the Dades Gorges.

To reach the mythical point, if like us you are coming from Ouarzazate, you have to reach Boulmane, turn towards Tamellat and continue for about 25 kilometers. The road is well maintained and level. You will cross a bridge and have the mountains on your right. At this point the road begins to climb, you will notice a hotel perched on the mountain and immediately above the hotel there is a bar. 

It is from here that you will have a view of this road and can take the famous photo.

Dades Valley

Beautiful is the panorama that will open before you, a peace and tranquility reigns in this place.

And if the directions to get here are not detailed enough, I leave you the GPS coordinates that you can set on your navigator: 31°31’46.6 “N 5°55’32.1 “W

After a cool drink we set off again: destination Todra Gorges.

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