3 Days in London – Day 3


Little Venice

For the last day in London, we decided to start the days giving us an extra caloric breakfast in a place near the station of the subway at Willesden Green called Bagel Factory.

The restaurant prepares excellent scones, and that was the day of bacon scones, excellent. If you pass through here I recommend you stop here.

After breakfast, we took the underground to Paddington and we reached Little Venice, a very nice corner of London with bridges and canals that look like Venice. It is a neighborhood away from the hustel and bustle of central London, located where the Grand Union Canal and the Regent’s Canal meet. The buildings are almost all white houses arranged along the banks of the canals. There are typical boats, some used as restaurant, other as home.

3 Days in London - Little Venice

Camden Town

From Little Venice with a walk of about an hour along the river, we reached Camden Town. Here the dam is still visible today. Also you view Camden Market, the market is only one but there are three different areas: Market Hill, Camden Lock and Stables Market

Market Hall is an indoor area of two floor, inside there are jewelery and souvenirs handcraft.

Camden Lock: takes its name from the lock on the Regent’s Canal, now it is used only sometimes, expecially for tourism purposes. There is a very large garden reserved to food and an area with shops. Spaces to sit or place dishes are few, especially during the weekend..

Stables Market is inside the old of Camden Town stables, times ago they holded the horses used for towing boats and for the transport of goods. Today there are places to eat but lso shops, from handcraft to vintage.

In the neighborhood there are shops, most of them sell fake things. These shops have colorful facades, not to be missed.


3 Days in London - Camden Lock

Tower Bridge

After lunch we went to Tower Bridge, the symbol of London, with the famous Tower of London, one of the most visited actractions in London. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to visited it inside. Recommended!
3 Days in London - The Tower Bridge

Sky Garden

It is a skyscraper also known as Walkie-Talkie due to its shape, you can go up to the 35th floor and see London from the high. For go up you need to book from the official website sky garden. Entry is free. It offers a breathtaking view of the Thames and the City, all the walls are made of glass and allow you to enjoy a view over the city, you can admire the Thames, the Tower of London, the Tower Bridge and The Shard by Renzo Piano, the tallest skyscraper in London.

I booked the visit for 3:45 PM, to view London during the day and London by night. It is a valid experience, one of the most liked things of the whole trip. It is possible to stay for about an hour, but we stayed longer, nobody let us out, probably because is was already the end of the day.

From 6:00 PM the skyscraper is open only for those who wnat to  enjoy an aperitif or for those who want to dine in the restaurant. We have not tried, some people told us that the price are not high considerating that it is located in London.

Curiosity: this skyscraper caused problems for the neghborhood, its structure reflected the light at a very high temperature that melted everything on which the reflections fell: shops, cars, ….. To solve the problem they had to completely cover it with an insulating paint.

Remember to take with you a photo machine to take picture of your best moment, or a good phone. The picuter in this post was take with a phone Samsung A50.

If you need a London guide, I suggest you the London guide of Lonely Planet 

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