Mantua – Peschiera – The Mincio Cycle Lane

Mantua - Peschiera - The Mincio Cycle Lane

Mantova - Peschiera - Veduta del Mincio

The Mincio E6 cycle path, more commonly called Mantua – Peschiera, is part of a much longer route: the Eurovelo 7. It starts from North Cape in Norway and finishs at the island of Malta in the heart of the Mediterranean after having passed through Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria and Italy.

The E6 route connects Mantua to Peschiera del Garda and can be traveled in both directions as the height difference is minimal. The cycle path develops almost exclusively on paved, flat and well-signposted cycle paths.

As can be understood from the name, Mincio cycle path, the track follows the course of the river Mincio.

It is about 45 kilometers long but don’t let the length of the route scare you, if done with an ebike it is feasible for everyone, even those who are not used to using bicycles. Remember that, as the route is almost entirely paved, it is not necessary to use a mountain bike.

We started from Marengo, a little town about 15 kilometers from Mantua, it is located directly on the cycle path.

Starting form Marengo, you can take the most beautiful part of the cycle path, the one that runs along the Mincio river. The attractions and the refreshment points are concentrated in this stretch.


From Marengo you cycle along a canal in the middle of cultivated fields, meadows, ……… After a few kilometers you reach Volta Mantovana, beautiful is the panorama from above the bridge.

Mantua - Peschiera - Borghetto

After ten kilometers take a short detour to reach Borghetto, here a stop is a must. Recently included in the Club of the Most Beautiful Italian Villages, it looks like a little gem and still preserve the characteristic aspet of a “medieval village” with its narrow streets, bell tower and still functioning water mills.

Mantova - Peschiera - Borghetto

Carrying on you reach the village of Salionze and the castle of Monzambano.

A few more kilometers and you will reach Peschiera del Garda where you can stop for lunch along the lake.

If you have the time and desire, you can stop just before reaching Peschiera at the water sports club and rent a sup or a canoe to sail along the banks of the Mincio which, with its calm waters, is the ideal place to learn or practice.

Mantova - Peschiera - Lago di Garda

The return follows the same route as the outward journey

Mantua - Peschiera - Rent Bike

We rented the ebikes in Marengo at MantovabikeXperience. My advice is to book them in time as it would be unpleasant to get to Marengo and not find the bikes!

The cost for the whole day is 20 euros for muscle bikes and 35 euros for ebikes. Together with the bicycle they give you a chain to lock the bicycles during your stops.


After returning the bicycles we headed to Mantua where we stayed overnight and visited the city.

If you are looking for a place to sleep I can recommend Mazzini 23It is a beautiful apartment in the center of Mantua equipped with all comforts and near to all attractions and restaurants. Nearby there is also a paid covered car park.

Don’t forget to buy the typical Mantuan dessert: the sbrisolona cake, a crumbly dessert made with cornmeal, sugar, butter, covered with almonds. Very good is the one of the Forneria Carra.

For a more accurate visit of the city you can book a private tour of Mantua.

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