Maraya Hall – The largest mirror building in the world

Maraya Hall Theater - The largest mirror building in the world

In Al Ula, a town about 1000 km north-west of Riyadh, there is a particular building, the Maraya Hall Theater.

AlUla - Maraya Hall - Panorama

This award-winning building, holder of a Guinness World Record and designed by the Italian architect Gio Forma, is fully covered in mirrors: 9740 square meters, which reflect the surrounding desert landscape.

The cube-shaped building, with its 26-metre-high theatre, is a 550-seat concert and entertainment venue where acclaimed artists including Andrea Bocelli, Lionel Richie and Yanni have performed.

It is possible to access this theater only in case of special events or to have lunch or dinner at the Maraya Social restaurant which is located on the roof of the building.

Maraya Hall

The Building

If there are no concerts or you can’t afford a dinner in a starred restaurant, don’t give up, you can try to do like us. We went to the entrance to the Maraya, it is located about a kilometer from the building, here the road is blocked by a barrier and guards control access. We asked if we could go in to take some photos and luckly they allowed us to go.

I don’t know if they do it all the time or only in the summer because there are very few tourists, but you can try to ask like us.

Going on the road, you will soon see the theater. At first sight, it didn’t seem special but as we got out of the car and got closer everything changed.

The desert and the surrounding landscape are reflected by the mirrors that make up this theater which becomes one with the surrounding nature. It is difficult to explain with words and not even the images captured convey the magical atmosphere that can be felt in this place.

Maraya Hall

The visit to Maraya Hall is one of the best memories of this trip.

Maraya Hall Theater - Where Stay

There are some beautiful accomodations near Maraya Hall but some of which are too expensive for us, for example:

– Ashar Tented Resort a super luxurious tented camp in the middle of the desert, 

– Our Habitas AlUla in a unique location in the world. 

Caravan by Habitas AlUla is also very special, you can stay in luxurious caravans.


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