Mirleft – Surfing the waves of Morocco

Mirleft - Surfing the waves of Morocco


Mirleft is a Berber seaside place on the Atlantic coast, 140 kilometers south of Agadir.

Once a favorite spot for hippies, it has now developed touristically and offers various hotels, bars, and clubs. 

It sits on a small hill 40 kilometers from Sidi Ifni and is a paradise for surfers.

Mirleft - What to do

Mirleft is most famous for its sandy beaches: Gzira, Sidi El Ouafi, Tamahroucht, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdallah elmin Turga.

I was a bit disappointed, expecting a simple, uncrowded, remote seaside resort. In fact it is exactly the opposite: a town full of local tourism with an amusement park and beaches taken by storm by locals who spend the whole day here cooking and dining. Yes, you read that right, in the morning they arrive at the beach equipped with everything they need to prepare a tajina or barbeque. 

The first impact was not positive, then at the suggestion of the hotelier, we changed the beach and experienced the beach days in a different atmosphere: a part of the beach is frequented by local families, moving away from the entry point the beach is deserted and beautiful.


It is difficult to swim because of the waves and current, impossible to snorkel. I did not find the water very clean because of the locals who throw the remains of their lunches directly into the sea.

It is beautiful to surf, I recommend the SPOT-M surf school which is located directly on the beach and more than a school it is a gathering place for Westerners, after lesson you can stay and have lunch together. The two-hour daily lessons are cheap and the instructors are very good.


I recommend hiking to Legzira, it is a few kilometers from Mirleft. Most famous is its red rock arch, the last one left after the collapse of the other smaller arch in 2016.

Legzira is popular with local tourists who walk on the beach or take rides on the backs of dromedaries and horses.

Beautiful is the moment of sunset.


Mirleft - Weather

After hiking in the Sahara Desert, we headed toward the sea with a stop in Tissint to break up the long journey.

Coming from the Sahara Valley where temperatures touch 50 degrees, Mirleft seemed cold to us even though in reality temperatures were in the mid-20s.

In the morning the sky is usually cloudy, then around 11 a.m. the clouds clear and give way to sunshine. During the day one is comfortable in a bathing suit but in the evening a sweatshirt is necessary. Perhaps it also seemed colder to us because we are used to much higher temperatures.

Mirleft - Where to Stay

We stayed at Aftas Trip, at the beginning of the village to the north. The facility is very nice and beachfront, divided from the sea by the scenic road through the village. At this point the sea has no beaches so you have to move around, best to have a car available although I saw several buses shuttling between beaches.

The facility has a swimming pool and a restaurant where you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner. We had dinner here every night, great food and cheap prices.


There are many other facilities in Mirleft, if you go during the summer remember to book early.

At the entrance to the village you will notice many people standing by the roadside with a bunch of keys in their hands: they are homeowners looking for renters. I can’t tell you, though, what the housing they offer is like or even what the prices are.


In paese ci sono negozi di tutti i generi, ristoranti e bar. C’è persino una panetteria / pasticceria. Le paste dicono essere molto buone, io non le ho provate perchè il locale era pieno di vespe e non mi attirava.

There are all kinds of stores, restaurants and bars in Mirleft. There is even a bakery/pastry shop. The pastries are very good, I didn’t try them because the place was full of wasps and didn’t attract me.

Have you ever been to the sea in Morocco? Which area did you prefer? Tell us about it in the comments.

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