ServiceNow – How to copy favorites from one user to another

There are different method to copy favorties from one users to onother user.

1 Option - Manual Copy

  • ServiceNow saves the favorities in the table: sys_ui_bookmark
    • Open the table: sys_ui_bookmark.list
    • Set filters to find only your rows
    • Open every row and replace the ueAprire ogni riga, sostituire l’utente, click con il tasto destro del mouse nella parte grigia alta, selezionare “Insert”
  • Repeat this action for all affected rows.

Option 2 - Semi-manual copy

  • ServiceNow saves the favorities in the table: sys_ui_bookmark
    • Access the sys_ui_bookmark.list table
    • Set the filters to locate the affected rows
    • Export data to excel
    • Edit the excel file by replacing the user name
    • Import the excel file into ServiceNow via Load Data

Option 3 - Copy by script

You can write a script that queries the sys_ui_bookmark table with the correct filters and copy the rows by setting the new user.

This method is a little more complicated, it requires knowledge of java.

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