SUMATRA – Jungle and beach in a green island hit hard by the tsunami

We love Sumatra, it’s a green island with jungle, very beautiful sea and white beaches. Unfortunately it has a very sad history.

Our trip starts in Medan, the capital of Sumatra, we avoided it, too traffic and too chaotic. For us, it was enough to cross it: the traffic of our cities is nothing compared to the traffic of Medan.

From Medan we reached Bukit Lawang for an excursion in the jungle to see the orangutans. We saw them closely………too much!

Then we  moved to Tangkahan to see elephants and to wash them.

Then we went to Banda Aceh, famous for the 2014 Tsunami. We found a rebuilt city that is trying to continue without forgetting.

At the end relax to Pulau Weh, it’s considered by the divers one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

Follow us and we will explain how to visit these places, what to do, what to see, how to reach each locality, accomodations for backpackers,……

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