Aeolian Islands – Discovering Vulcano island
Vulcano - Crater

AEOLIAN ISLANDS - Discovering Vulcano Island

Do you want to discover the beauties of Vulcano? Read this post that will take you to discover the beauties of the island and will give you excellent advice.

I love the Aeolian Islands and especially I love the atmosphere: although in Italy, you will fell like you are in another world. They have changed a lot since the first time I visited them, but the athmosphere is always the same.

Vulcano, among the Aeolian Islands is the closest to the Sicilian coast, takes its name from the Roman God Vulcanus: according to Greek mythology, Vulcano was the location of the blacksmiths of Hephaestus, the god of fire, metal work and the fine arts.

The island is still volcanically active but, unlike the island of Stromboli, its activity is not “explosive” and eruptive. It is possible to observe numerous volcanic phenomenons here, from smoke clouds, vapor spouts (at both the volcano’s mouth and under the sea) and sulphuric mud holes known for their therapeutic properties.

Once you land on the island, you will immediately be hit by a strong smell of sulfur that will not leave you even when you leave the island. The first time I was here, I had to wash my clothes several times to make the smell disappear.

I suggest you to spend at least two days in Vulcano, only in this way you will be able to appreciate it. And, if possible, avoid the high season.

Vulcano Island - Let's see what to do on this wonderful island.

Thermal Bath

It is the first stop for “day” travelers. Leaving  the port, on the right you can find a large mud pool, inside the water is very very cold because the fumes that the volcano emits, These muds are therapies for those suffering from respiratory diseases, skin diseases, bursitis and tendonitis. At the moment the area is closed, placed under sequestration.

Fumarole or hot water beach

It is located near the port, immediately after the mud pool. The peculiarity of this beach is the “warm waters”: at this point the sea waters are heated by fumaroles, gas of volcanic origin that, coming out of the rock faults, heat the water temperature and create a “hydromassage” effect. Near the fumaroles, the smell of sulfur is very intense. The beach is very large with clear waters and usually quite crowded due to the proximity to the main ports. A part of the beach is equipped,

Vulcano - Spiaggia Acque Calde

Black sand beach

It is the symbol of Vulcano, it is located in the Ponente Bay. The sand is black and contrasts with the blue color of the sea, the seabed slopes gently therefore it is also suitable for children. At sunset everything takes on fiery red shades. The beach, which stretches for over a kilometer, is partly free and partly equipped with deck chairs and sun loungers.

Vulcano - Fumarole

Climb to the Crater

You can’t miss climbing to the crater, one of the best memories I took home from this island. The climb is not particularly demanding, it does not require special equipment, it is an uphill path that can be traveled by anyone, each with their own pace and time. The beginning of the path is not far from the port, it develops among volcanic boulders, black and sandy bottom.

During the climb you can admire the view of some Aeolian islands, only when you get to the top will you have full visibility of the entire archipelago: a marvel. At the top you will see the crater of the volcano, unlike the Bromo volcano you will not hear its rumblings. To testify the activity still in place are the fumaroles: high temperature sulfur emissions. Be careful to approach them, they can reach high temperatures, cover your nose with a handkerchief or a mask.  I suggest you to climb at sunrise or sunset: in addition to the mildest temperatures, you can enjoy a unique panorama.

Vulcano - Fumarole

The sunset on the Aeolian Islands is something special.

Vulcano - Sunset

Asino Beach

It is located in the south of the island, in the Gelso district. To reach it you need to have a means of transportation or you can use the Scaffidi Bus

After leaving your car or scooter on the main road, you have to take the road that goes down to the beach, it is a steep path  (10 minutes for the slope). Don’t worry, for the return you can take a ride on the jeep of the beach resort.

Another way to reach the beach is to reach Gelso and form here call the beach staff who will come to pick you up with a boat.

The beach is quite long with black sand, one part is free and another part is equipped with sun umbrellas (20 euros per day for an umbrella and tw sun loungers), bar, restaurant, showers, toilettes. The sea is transparent, gently wanes, is rich in fish, especially on the left side.

Spiaggia dell'Asino
Spiaggia dell'Asino

Capo Grillo

It is a viewpoint from which you can admire the entire archipelago. It can be reached from the port in 10-15 minutes, but you need a vehicle to reach it. You can also reach it when you return from the “Asino beach”, the distance is short. There are no refreshment points. I personally have appreciated more the view visible from the top of the crater.

Vulcano - Capo Grillo

Valle dei mostri - Vulcanello

To see the monsters of Vulcano (valley of monsters) you have to go to the north-east of the Vulcanello peninsula. From the port, take the road on the right, this street runs alongside beautiful villas, including the one of Mike Bongiorno. At the crossroads take the road on the right. The area is plenty of black rocks and sand. The lava solidifying and the erosion bey atmospheric agents have given rise to fantastic shaped rocks: you will find lions, bears, dinosaurs.

Vulcano - Valle dei Mostri

Vulcano Island - Practical Information

How to reach the island

Hydrofoils and ferries leave every day from Milazzo and arrive in less than an hour, the transport is managed by Libertylines. At this link you will find all the timetables and prices of the hydrofoils. The online booking function is very interesting, we have always used it. If you need to travel at specific times, I recommend you to purchase tickets in advance. For those with vehicles use the ferry boats, the crossing takes less than two hours.

How to get around in Vulcano

The island is small and all is gather around the port area, so you can easily get around on foot. However, if you want to reach Gelso district and you don’t want to use the bus, you will need a means of transport. We hired a car, a Mehari, for a day. We contacted Luigi Rent”, he was the renter with the best prices, I suggest you to do like us, ask to all renters and choose the one with the best value for money. All the cars are similar..

Where stay

We stayed at Casa Schmidt, I recommend it. It is located on Via Lentia in a very quiet area, less than five minutes from the Black Sand Beach, reachable on foot from the port with a walk of about 500 meters. The room with 4 beds is large with two bedrooms and a bathroom. It is equipped with air conditioning and a fan. On the windows there are mosquito nets, essential as the whole area is full of insects attracted by the flowers in the well-kept garden. Outside the room there is a terrace with a fridge and a table where you can stay and eat. The terrace overlooking the volcano is beautiful.

Where eat

At lunch we always bought something in the bakery in via Lentia or in the bakery in vicolo Regina. The specialty is the cunzato bread, the pistachio croissants are also excellent.

For dinner we stopped every evening at the gastronomy in vicolo Regina to buy ready-to-eat dishes to be consumed on our terrace. It is also possible to eat at the gastronomy. All is excellent, especially the parmigiana and the caponata. The prices are much cheaper than what you would spend to dine in a restaurant.


On the island there is an ATM, it is on the main road, next to the post office. Unfortunately, it does not always work, so I recommend you to pick up before reaching the island. In the shops you will not always be able to pay by debit / credit card as the line seems to work on and off.


There is a small Conad supermarket where you can buy everythings, inside there is also a specilaity foods area. 

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